Saturday, June 9, 2012

#160 / Solar Scorecard

Everyone knows that "solar is good," right? Well, I'm thinking that a predisposition to support "solar" is not a good reason to dispense with the "precautionary principle."

The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition agrees. That is why they have published a "Solar Scorecard," which is worth review.

Whether it's high-speed rail or the development of solar energy, we need to take that "precautionary" approach.

SVTC "believes that we still have time to ensure that the PV sector is safe for the environment, workers, and communities." It is not automatic that the development of photovoltaic panels will happen in a way that respects the natural environment, just as the development of massive solar power generating plants in the desert is not automatically "good" for the world of nature.

What we do within our world (and even our most positive efforts within that world) can have negative impacts on the natural world - the world on which we ultimately depend.

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