Sunday, April 29, 2012

#120 / Wait For The Credits

I watch a lot of films
And I believe
We should always
Wait for the credits

Even simple stories
End up involving
Lots of people
Doing lots of things

Watch for your name
I'll watch for mine

At the end of the story
There is always
A lot of credit
To go around

1 comment:

  1. The credits are a creative part of the movie and should be respectfully watched just as the rest of the show. Often, creative producers will include "Easter Eggs," surprise inclusions in the credits for those who choose to stay and watch them.

    Sadly, I haven't gone to a theatre to watch a movie for over ten years. The reason (other than rude theater patrons) is that the last time I went, the manager turned up the house lights during the credit roll and the theatre cleaners started banging around among the seats.

    I loudly demanded that they turn off the lights and wait till the movie was over, but they continued unabated, as I was the only patron still in the seats out of what had been a sellout performance.

    After the movie was completely finished, I went to the manager's office and demanded my money back for ruining the ending of the movie. He was uncomprehending at what he had done, but he did refund my money.

    I appreciate watching a movie as it is intended to be seen, on the large screen with top quality sound. Unfortunately, modern movie theaters, and their patrons, ruin the experience for me, so I have to satisfy myself with recorded presentations at home.


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