Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#116 / More On Disintermediation

Mike Carlton, of Carlton Associates, runs an advertising agency. He writes about it, too. Click on the "no agents" image if you'd like to peruse a set of his white papers.

What is Mike Carlton worried about? He's worried about that thing that did in his travel agent: "disintermediation."

Getting rid of the middle person and dealing direct; that's disintermediation. That could happen to an advertising agency, the way it happened to travel agencies. Today, we book our own flights online. Ten years ago, we had travel agents do that for us. No more agents! More and more, nowadays, we are dealing "direct." What does that mean? No more agents! No more agencies!

In politics, moving towards disintermediation means getting rid of those who act "for us" in the political process. It means more citizen participation and more "direct democracy."

I can live with that.

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