Friday, January 27, 2012

#27 / Speaking The Truth

It is my experience (and theoretical belief) that what ultimately become the realities of the world we inhabit enter into that world by our own actions, and that we "precipitate" our human reality from a large set of unseen and inchoate possibilities.

It is also my experience that the most important way that we create reality is by "speaking" it. We bring truth into existence by our words.

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  1. This would seem to argue that there is no external reality apart from human perception. I disagree.

    There is a real world "out there." It may not be the same "real world" that we perceive, since our intepretation of our perceptions depends on our experience. Nevertheless, reality is out there.

    The real world that we perceive is an amalgam of quatum physics distorted through the lense of the human mind. In many ways, the human brain is a quantum camera, serving as an interface between quatum space/time and Euclidian space and time, further distored by being squeezed through the funnel human language.

    What we perceive and discribe may be worlds away from reality.


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