Saturday, December 17, 2011

#351 / Bert

Bert Muhly sold me coffee: fair trade coffee. He fed me crab cakes. He established the basic foundation for the land use plans that have helped preserve and protect the natural environment of Santa Cruz County. He had a particular commitment to the protection and preservation of the California coast.

Bert was a tireless advocate for social and economic justice. He persuaded a reluctant Santa Cruz City Council to support the creation of the Louden Nelson Community Center. He inspired a couple of generations of planning students. He – and his equally wonderful wife and partner, Lois Muhly – have inspired me, during the entire forty years that I have been active in public life in Santa Cruz County.

When I woke up on Saturday morning, I learned that Bert Muhly died last Friday, on December 16th. He was 88 years old, and he was a great person.

My thanks to Bert Muhly for a life of committed involvement – for his work on behalf of the community in which he lived, and on behalf the good causes to which he gave his allegiance, including his consistent advocacy for decency in United States’ foreign policy, particularly in Central America.

Everyone in the Monterey Bay region benefited from Bert's leadership, advocacy, and actions. Those who knew Bert Muhly personally got a double benefit, because they were able to rejoice with Bert and Lois in person, throughout the years, two truly “happy warriors” for so many good causes!

My love, and my appreciation to you, Bert Muhly. My very great thanks for an inspiring life, well lived!

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