Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#348 / Sarkosy Says

Nicolas Sarkozy is the President of France. I actually saw him once, in person, though I doubt he'd remember me.

The December 12, 2011 edition of The New Yorker magazine has a story about Sarkozy. It isn't, actually, a very flattering story. It doesn't make me like him very much.

Despite my negative impression, overall, I did identify with this statement, in which Sarkozy discusses the nature of politics: "The main characteristic of our society is the absence of hope, whereas the very goal of politics is to provide hope. I reject the notion of inevitability. I cannot stand the word, the idea, or the consequences of the concept."

For me, a belief in the "inevitability" of things is the opposite of a belief in "politics," because in the world we create, a world that is, above all, "political," anything is possible.

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