Friday, December 9, 2011

#343 / Preoccupied [priːˈɒkjʊˌpaɪd]

preoccupied (adj)

1. engrossed or absorbed in something, esp one's own thoughts
2. already or previously occupied
3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) Biology (of a taxonomic name) already used to designate a genus, species, etc.
I have always found vocabulary to be a great entryway into thought. If we are going to change the world next year and "Occupy 2012," we will need to escape the gravitational field of our own individualistic preoccupations.


  1. Kudos to you, Gary not only for a lifetime of stewardship to the Earth, but for vowing to make this blog a reflection of our daily looking at ourselves and Nature. Bless her heart!

    I felt such deep sorrow when watching the news this week about the people in Colorado who were victims of fracking in Colorado. It speaks to our self-absorption based on our "need" for energy, even when drinking water combusts.
    I continue to be amazed at the power of denial in all our lives and how small our world becomes when we live there.

  2. Donna: Thanks so much for this nice comment. Hope the "big city" is treating you well. The proliferation of the so-called "fracking" process, everywhere (South Monterey County, too), is such a profound example of our mistaken approach to living within Nature! Best wishes for the holidays!


Thanks for your comment!