Friday, October 21, 2011

#294 / The Gravity Of Life

According to my son, I once told him that "no one can escape the gravity of life."

I don't remember saying that (and I'm not sure exactly what I might have meant), but I do like the sound of the sentence.

To the extent that gravity is associated with "weight" (a common way of talking about "mass"), the above quoted observation about the "gravity of life" could well be a reference to the fact that life is both weighty and "serious." That is certainly consistent with what I think.

Again, while I am not much of a physicist, I believe that various theories of gravity advanced within that discipline all postulate that gravity is "reciprocal." That resonates with my thought that we are "all in this together," and that we cannot properly analyze our existence from a strictly "individual" point of view. We are more than just "individuals." We are bound to each other by inescapable and reciprocal relationships. So, there may be something of this thought in my observation about the gravity of life.

Then, there's death. That may be the real "gravity of life." We certainly can't escape that reality. And I'm with Steve Jobs; we shouldn't want to.

I don't really know what I meant when I told my son that "no one can escape the gravity of life," but it does ring true.

The image used in today's posting, incidentally, is from a blog titled Gravity of Life, written by Vasanth Benjamin.

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