Monday, September 5, 2011

#248 / Labor Day

My contention is that we live in a "political" world, created within the world of Nature, upon which we are ultimately dependent.

Our lives derive meaning insofar as we have successfully engaged, during our lifetimes, in "making the world better." What is "better" demands debate, but whatever projects we determine are worthy, their accomplishment requires a collective effort.

The picture shows labor leader Harry Bridges addressing a Labor Day crowd in San Francisco, in 1947. Click the image to get the reference.

I was born in San Francisco. I was three years old when the picture was taken. Today, as then, our human world is created by work - and not by money. But today, in politics, money calls the shots. We can change that, and we need to. But recent political experience is convincing that the people need to organize to direct the politicians, and that letting the politicians do the organizing does not work out for the people. The crowds need to be assembled to tell the politicians what to do - not to listen to the promises that the politicians make.

Harry Bridges had the right idea.

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