Sunday, August 14, 2011

#226 / Fiji

Marilyn and I are on our way to Fiji. That's where the coral reefs look like this picture. For the picture credit, by the way, click the image.

Marilyn has always wanted to go to Fiji; primarily, to see the coral reefs; secondarily, to visit a place that Herman Melville wrote about. Marilyn did her doctoral thesis on cannibalism in literature. Fiji played a role in her research. Maybe I'll be able to say more later. I will definitely report on any contemporary instances of cannibalism we come across. Providing I survive, that is.

Joking aside, the key question is whether the coral reefs will survive. They are likely to become just another global warming casualty. And don't forget the theme of this blog: we depend upon the natural world. We depend upon the coral reefs. They are more than just a pretty face.

We are on our way to Fiji because I won a Showtime Sweepstakes Grand Prize. Yes, that is actually true. I won a free trip to Fiji. That was good luck.

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