Saturday, August 13, 2011

#225 / Yes And No

The Women on Their Way website from which the chalkboard image comes is an "an online resource for women business and leisure travelers." The women who run the website suggest that it's easy to contract a "case of yes and no confusion."

The "confusion" seems to arise, they suggest, from saying "yes" too easily.

Check out the Google Image website for the phrase "Yes and No." You will find lots of pictures with the "Yes" box checked. I didn't find any pictures with the "No" box checked.

The women who post to the Women On Their Way website may be on to something. I, personally, have found that the shortest route to the right answer, often, comes from figuring out what NOT to do.

Protecting and preserving the environment, for instance, is often less about programs for environmental betterment, and more about just keeping our human hands off the natural world, and the natural processes that sustain all life.

"Just say No" was made famous by Nancy Reagan and her War on Drugs. It is a useful phrase to keep in mind as we rummage through the toolbox of possibility, and create our human world.

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