Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#180 / Two Worlds Theory

I tend to be rather "theoretical" in the way I approach life. In other words, "theoretical" concepts and ideas are more important to me than what are often called the "facts."

Scientists also have this bias towards theory; at least, I think that this is one of the characteristics attributed to the scientific approach. We find the scientific "facts," actually, by coming up with a theory about what reality is like, and then going out and doing research based on the theory. If the theory turns out to be true, we learn that it is true by the facts that validate it. Reading about the research and experiments based on (and validating) Einstein's theories about the nature of the universe is an obvious example.

But I am not much of a "scientist." I have spent most of my life working in what I think of as a "political world," and in that realm, theory leads not to the discovery of the "facts," but to the creation of facts, the new realities that are the product of our actions.

I have just reviewed my past thoughts on "Theory And Practice," and I still think I am right.

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