Tuesday, June 21, 2011

#172 / The Valkyrie

In episode one of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle, Das Rheingold, the golden treasure of nature is taken from the river. Love is renounced in a quest for the power that will give the wearer of the golden ring forged from the stolen treasure the ability completely to dominate the world.

Even before that, the god of gods, Wotan, has cut into the Tree of Life, to shape a spear that gives him invincibility.

By episode two, The Valkyrie, it's easy to see the result (pictured). This image is from the recent performance given by the San Francisco Opera. From his castle in the sky, Valhalla, the construction of which was paid for with the stolen gold, Wotan can look down on a dirty and degraded world.

What happens next? Two more operas are to come. And a lot more trouble is in store!


  1. Your blog seems like a great idea.

    So is the stage photo and comments about the Opera 'The Valkyrie.' It shows that theme repeats itself over and over, everywhere.
    Will human beings ever evolve to a more enlightened consciousness?

    For centuries, we have been exposed to inspiring ideas, which encourage compassion for providing a more level playing field among humanity and our environment. However for as much lip-service as we give them, we don't feel obliged to integrate those teachings into practicality, if they interfere with our primitive need for power and dominance through wealth.

    This behavior will not change unless individuals become conscious of the benefits of transcending the insidious lure of abusing other human beings and nature for personal advantage.

  2. Thanks for such a nice comment, Margaret! And definitely on target!


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