Saturday, June 4, 2011

#155 / Access

Before going to Russia, my wife Marilyn and I visited Stockholm, largely because Marilyn has a dear friend who lives there, Birgit Aquilonius.

Birgit and her husband, Lasse Bergman, showed us a great time, but their best gift may have been our "access" passes. The access card, as pictured, provides immediate and easy entry to all: (1) buses, both in the city and in the archipelago; (2) the Stockholm tunnel-bana, the city's incredibly efficient subway; (3) any of the electric tramcars that run throughout the city; and (4) the ferries between the islands comprising the city.

Stockholm (in the summer; I can't speak for the winter) is really spectacular. I recommend it.

But buy an access pass before you go!!

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