Monday, May 2, 2011

#122 / Life Lab

On Sunday, May 1st, my wife and I attended a fundraising benefit for Life Lab, a science-based educational program for young people located in a "garden classroom" at the University of California at Santa Cruz, and specifically at the UCSC Farm and Garden.

I respectfully suggest that local parents and grandparents consider hooking up their particular young people (ages 5-18, more or less) with one of the many Life Lab programs. I was moved by the dual emphasis of the Life Lab approach, as illuminated in presentations by both teachers and students: Life Lab teaches a deep appreciation of the natural world, which is the ultimate support for all living things - including human beings. And Life Lab also aims to teach all involved about our ability to change our own lives - and thus to change the world for which we are responsible, the human world that we create.

No kidding. Great program! The name is perfectly descriptive: Life Lab.


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