Saturday, April 30, 2011

#120 / No Exit

Sarte's No Exit is playing tonight at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Unless the play is extended, the last performance is tomorrow, May 1st.

The San Francisco Chronicle's "Little Man" is jumping out of his seat in delight, in the Chronicle review. The play gets a great rating, and the ACT presentation of the play, which is very unusual, must certainly be one of the most memorable ever.

No Exit is set in a drawing room in hell, and the most memorable line is probably this one: "Hell is other people." Click on the link if you'd like to read about what this line is intended to mean, at least according to the author. For me, the new ACT presentation of No Exit, utilizing video techniques that blow up the faces of the three main performers, is a convincing demonstration that hell is not "other people" at all.

In fact, I think this ACT presentation is near to certain proof that we are individually responsible for creating the hell we may inhabit, all on our individual own.

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