Sunday, April 17, 2011

#107 / Accomplishments

I am starting to "tidy up" my various stores of memorabilia. It all started with cleaning out the attic. The garage is still in the future!

In connection with this clean up effort, I found an almost forgotten "book" I wrote about government. It was based on a long-ago series of radio speeches that I presented on KSCO Radio, which is based in Santa Cruz. I have now made that compilation available online, for what it's worth, since Google has not yet contacted me in connection with their own book project. Many thanks to my sister Nancy, by the way, for doing so much work on it, way back when!

I also found a somewhat bedraggled copy of what I have always called "The Patton Record," which is actually just an index to what I thought were significant Board of Supervisors' decisions, from January 1975 to January 1995. That, too, is now available online. You can get the links in the sidebar to this blog, as it appears at its own website (and not on Facebook). The URL is

Anyone interested in what I think of as an extraordinary period of politics and government in California's smallest county can be reminded of seasons past, by browsing through the many entries in this "Patton Record."

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