Friday, February 25, 2011

#56 / One Month To Live

Someone gave me the guidebook version of One Month To Live on my birthday last year. It could have been a hint, but I am still extant.

One Month To Live
, which I had never heard of, turns out to be a New York Times bestseller and a publishing phenomenon. It provides what is definitely a Christian perspective on the subject matter, and should not be confused with 1 Month 2 Live, the superhero comic book.

I liked the idea that our lives are, really, that "little dash of time" in between the dates on our headstone, and I confess that One Month To Live took me right back to that "Stockdale Question." Who am I and what am I doing here? To What End?

Thinking about that topic is assisted by realizing that the time we have to answer is/or may be short. I am still extant, but ever more aware that a "one month to live" perspective is probably the right way to search out the answers.

Plus, I still like that "two world hypothesis."

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