Saturday, December 4, 2010

336 / Me To We

"Me To We" is a charitably-oriented "social enterprise," based in Canada. It has an impressive story, and I like the name.

I am coming to believe that perhaps the most fundamental choice that we each make in life is to decide whether we will define ourselves as a "me," or as part of a "we."

There's a good argument for either answer, of course, and in fact there is a good argument that we are both "me" and "we." Each one of us is an individual, with an individual ability to act, and create. Each one of us is also part of a greater whole, and each individual person is able to survive only as a part of the community, or communities, to which he or she belongs.

The "Me To We" group has had direct experience of the power of collective action to get things done, when goals and objectives are suddenly transferred from the realm of "me" to the realm of "we." Again, I like their story.

In my schema, more philosophically, we live in two worlds. In one of them, the world of Nature, we are definitely "we." We are in it "together." In the human world, the world we create, everything that exists begins, always, with individual human actions, and the "me" tends to predominate.

There is a little "trick" to the world of Nature, a certain principle that sees to it that the overall "we" of Nature will ultimately prevail.

You probably know what I'm talking about. If you don't, I'll let you guess, at least for now.

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