Wednesday, August 11, 2010

222 / Green Fire Times

One of the partners in the Wittwer & Parkin law firm recently returned from New Mexico, bringing with him a copy of the Green Fire Times, "News & Views from the Sustainable Southwest." The paper is published in Santa Fe, and does have a website, accessible through the link.

The August 2010 issue reported on the Redstone Declaration, a "Declaration of the Rights of the Peoples and the Earth." The declaration was made by representatives of indigenous peoples from Australia, Canada, Chile (Mapuche), Guatemala (Maya), India, Kenya, Mexico (Toltec), New Zealand, Russia, Siberia, Swaziland, Taiwan, Thailand, and American Indian communities in the United States.

Without using my "two worlds" terminology, the Declaration was concerned, above all, with the destruction of the Natural World by actions taken from within the world that humans have created:

We call for ... an end to any further non-sustainable exploitation and degradation of natural resources - for all generations to come.

The image is of the "Southern Lights," the aurora australis: Green Fire made in the world we did not create.

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