Tuesday, August 10, 2010

221 / Galeano

Eduardo Galeano is worth reading!

This blog, in fact, is en su estilo, though I can't claim to achieve anything like his epigraphic accomplishments.

El miedo

Una mañana, nos regalaron un conejo de Indias. Llegó a case enjaulado. Al mediodía, le abrí la puerta de la jaula.

Volví a casa al anochecer y lo encontré tal como lo había dejado: jaula adentro, pegado a los barrotes, temblando de susto de la libertad.

That is to say (in this story from Galeano's book, El Libro de los Abrazos), that someone gave Galeano a rabbit, and he left it in its cage, with the door open, when he left his house at noon. When he returned, later in the afternoon, he found the rabbit exactly where he had left it, against the bars of its cage, trembling with fear at the very possibility of liberty.

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