Saturday, July 31, 2010

211 / Environmental Law

Just to be clear, since I have recently mentioned "environmental law," there are two "flavors," or "types" of "environmental attorneys." Type One usually works for citizen groups, environmental organizations, and sometimes individuals, with the objective (usually) of stopping developments that do not meet high environmental standards, or preventing actions of all kinds that have adverse environmental impacts.

Type Two, the other type of "environmental attorney," tends to work for the corporations and the developers who are being opposed by the first type. Type Two environmental attorneys, in other words, work to get approval for developments and activities, and to deal with the requirements and constraints of environmental laws and regulations as they do so.

Both types are called "environmental attorneys," and both types belong to the Environmental Law Section of the California State Bar.

In my "two world" view, the Type One environmental attorney is on the side of the world of Nature, and the Type Two environmental attorney is on the side of human activities that build a "human world" within the frame that the world of Nature has provided.

If you ever need an "environmental attorney," you should check the attorney's client list before you sign a retainer! Make sure you get the flavor of "environmental attorney" you want.

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