Friday, July 30, 2010

210 / DeathTweet

#DeathTweet is a pretty intimidating title for a book. The book itself, though, is quite accessible, at least partly because each Chapter seems to meet the 140-character cutoff established by Twitter. I recommend it.

I don't know much about Twitter, but I do happen to know the author of this book, Timothy Tosta. Tosta grew up in Santa Cruz, and has gone on to become what the book jacket describes as "one of California's leading land use and environmental attorneys." I have run across him in that capacity.

Timothy Tosta's book isn't about law, environmental or otherwise. As Willie Brown says (in his 140-character or less introduction), #DeathTweet is about life itself. To quote the book jacket again, #DeathTweet intends to inform the reader on how to achieve "a Well-Lived Life through 140 perspectives on Death and its Teachings."

Tosta has done some serious thinking about this topic, based on some serious experience. I recommend his book because I agree with him that thinking about death, in fact, can help us to live a better life.

Death is a primary representative of the world of Nature, the world we do not create, the world upon which "our life" is ultimately based. Most immediately, we live not in the world of Nature, but in a world of our own creation.

Knowing, and appreciating, and celebrating the framework within which we create can help give glory to our work!

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