Wednesday, May 26, 2010

145 / I See The President (Of The US)

Two Presidents in one year. Not bad! When I was in France, I got to see President Sarkozy, more or less by accident. Last night, I got to see President Obama, at a Barbara Boxer fundraiser.

The President was in pretty good form, at least I thought so, and I appreciated his parable of the Republicans:

He said they're like a bunch of guys who run the car into a ditch, and when some Democrats come along, and start trying to get the car out, they sit on the side of the road, and criticize every move the Democrats make. Not only that, they don't offer to help one bit, and they denounce the Democrats for not getting the work done faster. When the Democrats finally do get the vehicle back on the road, the Republicans come over; they still never say thanks; and that's when they demand that the Democrats give them the keys to the car.

Well, the crowd at the Fairmont got the picture: "No Keys!" they chanted.

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