Tuesday, May 25, 2010

144 / Do Your Own Thing

I like the magazine In These Times, which has an article in its latest issue called "New Day for the New Deal." The article is essentially a review of Tony Judt's book, Ill Fares the Land.

It seems that Judt doesn't have much patience for the idea that we should all be "doing our own thing," on the basis that "our thing," in fact, is not something that we can either discover or "do" individually, but rather something we must discover and do together.

I actually haven't read Judt's book (yet) but this review makes it seem like he is my kind of guy!

And I do like articles that pose the right questions, and suggest the right things to do. And if they do that, why should anyone be bothered if they quote Lenin ("What is to be done?") and Marx ("Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world ... the point is to change it.")

As for the picture, I guess it's just trying to say: Don't be a dinosaur!

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