Sunday, May 16, 2021

#136 / Hannah Arendt ( A Short Course)


I recommend reading Hannah Arendt. I believe that everything that Hannah Arendt wrote is worth reading, and that searching out her preoccupations and perceptions is of particular value right now. I personally like On Revolution, The Human Condition, Between Past And Future, and The Origins of Totalitarianism. That is definitely only a partial list! Everything Hannah Arendt wrote is worth reading.

For those reluctant to take on Hannah Arendt - and she is somewhat formidable (her footnotes, for instance, are sometimes in Greek, German, or Latin) - I now have a shortcut recommendation.
A couple of weeks ago, I read an article by Ramzi Fawaz in The Philosophical Salon, which is published online by the Los Angeles Review of Books. The mission of The Philosophical Salon is to "bring together leading intellectuals from across the world in a single forum where their reflections on things that matter to us all can be heard." 
Fawaz' article was titled: 

I don't think there is a paywall that would prevent any interested person from clicking on the link above and then reading what Fawaz has to say. His article is far from a complete overview of Arendt's thinking - all of which, let me repeat, is worth reading - but it does end up being a kind of "short course" on some of the most important things that Hannah Arendt has to say about our current situation.*


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* For those who would like to go further, I recommend not only reading Hannah Arendt, but becoming acquainted with The Hannah Arendt Center (at Bard College), which hosts a weekly "Virtual Reading Group," among other things.

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