Sunday, July 7, 2019

#188 / Let's Learn A Lesson From Hawaii

I recently returned from a brief vacation in Hawaii. I was on the island of Maui, and it was a pretty nice visit! See the picture above, taken at sunset in Lahaina, as an offer of proof. 

Right after my return, The New York Times suggested that a person should move to Hawaii if he or she would like to be "less racist." Candidly, I mostly ran into other tourists on my recent visit, and had only limited contact with bona fide, full time residents of Hawaii. Even though I can't claim my trip provides me with personal evidence, I do think that The Times' story makes a good case. I link it here for your review and consideration.

According to the article, "Ancient Hawaiians learned to get along in order to survive."

Now, isn't that exactly our situation today? Here. There. And everywhere?

Think so!

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