Sunday, April 7, 2019

#97 / Procrastinatory Cognitions

I have been known to procrastinate. Thus, I was happy to see a full-page New York Times article, on Monday, March 25, 2019, that promised to provide me with some helpful advice on "Why You Procrastinate and How to Break the Habit." According to the article, which ran under a "Smarter Living" banner, my tendency to put off doing what I know I should be doing is a result of my "procrastinatory cognitions." Those are defined as "the ruminative, self-blaming thoughts many of us tend to have in the wake of procrastination."

The article suggests that getting to the "root cause" of procrastination requires you to "forgive yourself in the moments you procrastinate." The cure is "self-forgiveness" and "self-compassion." 

That sounds right to me! Why should I feel guilty about playing Freecell instead of grading student papers? I am forgiven!

You know, there is some pretty good theology that supports this advice, as well as some good psychology. If you have ever succumbed to any of those "procrastinatory cognitions," you might want to check out this article. I mean it! Really! Don't delay! Do it right now! Don't wait a moment longer! 

See..... I bet you didn't click that link!

And if you didn't: Forgive and forget. 

I'm going back to Freecell, myself!

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