Tuesday, April 2, 2019

#92 / This Can't End Well

The picture above, from the front page of the Tuesday, March 26, 2019, edition of The Wall Street Journal, shows a recent rocket attack by Israel on the Gaza Strip. The picture depicts a military attack on what is clearly a modern city. Many similar pictures have been published in recent years, showing military attacks on cities throughout the Middle East. We are starting to think that this is normal. That this is acceptable! Here is a depiction of what the results look like, in full daylight: 

Homs, Syria
Human "civilization" is based on and in cities. Pictures like the ones here (and there are many such pictures available, from throughout the Middle East) demonstrate that human civilization is now suffering from what amounts to an "auto-immune disease." What we call "defense" is destroying the fundamental basis of civilized life. 

This can't end well - and we all know it! 

We have to make a decision. No more bombing cities, alright? Americans are complicit. Lots of the bombs come from the United States. Many are delivered by United States forces. 

And we are not immune, either. The contagion spreads, and lest we forget, it even comes here: 

New York City

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