Sunday, November 18, 2018

#322 / It's All Right, Even If You're Old And Grey ...

... It's all right, you still got something to say!

I have always loved the Traveling Wilburys' song, "End of the Line," and the verse I am quoting here strikes me as ever more appropriate, as I get ever more "grey." Click the link if you would like to listen to the song. Click right here for the lyrics.

For a more prosaic approach to the topic, consider reading an article from The Wall Street Journal, "Building Bridges Across the Generational Divide." The Journal, too, suggests that those older ones among us do, and most emphatically, have "something to say."

If you believe the schema set forth in Generations, The History of America's Future, you might come to the conclusion that we ought to be expecting a lot from the "combination of ingredients" product that The Wall Street Journal article is advertising.

Speaking about this topic in an earlier blog post, I said this:

As I reported in this blog back in 2015, Strauss and Howe say that their research on past generations leads them to expect a "crisis lasting from 2013 to 2024." They say "the early 2020's appear fateful," and they expect Malloch's "next Great Generation," the Millennials, will have "a chance to demonstrate civic virtue and to triumph over great adversity."

As I am remembering the book, that "chance to demonstrate civic virtue and to triumph over great adversity," will require my generation, those of us who are ever more "old and grey," to play a catalyzing role. 

We still got something to say!

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