Wednesday, April 11, 2018

#101 / Signs Of The Times

The creation of this new program is certainly important news, so don't hesitate to click on the link, to find out more. Because the article ran in the San Francisco Chronicle, however, you may encounter paywall problems. If so, my apologies. Searching on the Internet will undoubtedly get you information from other sources on what is an exciting new opportunity for small businesses (and their employees). This new program could provide a lot of benefits for low-wage workers and workers in small businesses in California. 

I was actually attracted by the picture, and not so much by the article with its description of this positive new program. In my book (and that is a bookstore window pictured), it makes sense to pay attention to Maya Angelou and James Baldwin

The sign with the quote from Angelou says, "Nobody, but nobody, can make it out here ALONE." Baldwin's advice is related: "We made the world we're living in and we have to make it over."

These statements articulate the ground-level principles of the reality in which we most immediately live. We are not alone. We are in this life together. And as for the world we inhabit, this is a world that "we made," and that means that there is nothing inevitable about the conditions of our existence. A world made by human action can be "made over" by human action, too.

Angelou and Baldwin speak to the two most important ideas that I promote in this blog, which is dedicated to the proposition that "We live, together, in a political world."

As Angelou advises, the emphasis is on the "we." 

That's what makes it "political!"

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