Wednesday, January 10, 2018

#10 / Fed Up?

Joseph Ohayon is a film director, with a specific agenda in mind. Ohayon is hoping that his films will help engender a new worldview, as the first step towards transforming our current reality into one that more fully meets our deepest human aspirations. Ohayon maintains a Facebook page, promoting his film, Crossroads, which is an effort to get his message across.

The video here, "My Generation Is Fed Up With Capitalism," is another such effort. Click for the message. It's less than four minutes long.

In my way of thinking, "socialism," as some kind of political agenda, comes from a recognition that we are "in this together," and that any social, political, or economic system that doesn't recognize our mutual interdependence, as a fundamental reality of human existence, is doomed to be unsatisfying - and probably a lot worse than that.

If capitalism is based on "me," not "we" (and I think that's a pretty good way to put it), then I'm encouraged to hear that Millennials are "fed up" with capitalism.


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