Sunday, December 18, 2016

#353 / Bureaucracy Kills

I sometimes rip out articles I think I should reread, or write about, and then I put them in a pile. Sometimes, that pile gets pretty big, too, before I get back to all that stacked newsprint. 

"I Love the U.N., but It Is Failing" was in my pile. Anthony Banbury, author of the article, served as United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Field Support until February 5th of this year, when he resigned from this position, stating that the U.N. is in dire need of reform. That's what Banbury says in his March 20th article in The New York Times. As noted in the biographical sketch from Wikipedia that I have linked above, Banbury criticizes the U.N. for "a sclerotic personnel system, a lack of accountability ..., and the U.N.'s inability to deal with transgressions by its own staff."

For everyone who loves the U.N., or the "idea" of the U.N., at least, Banbury's reflections are worth reading. 

In a short summary: Bureaucracy Kills!

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