Monday, December 12, 2016

#347 / Eisley

The "Eisley" I am thinking about - Loren Eisley - is not a band! When I typed "Eisley" into my search engine, the whole first page of suggested links was filled with various references to an indie rock band from Tyler, Texas. It may be a great band! Knowing how search engine algorithms work, Eisley (the band) must have a lot of followers.

According to Wikipedia, members of Eisley (the band) include Sherri DuPree, Stacy DuPree, Chauntelle Dupree, Garron DuPree, Weston DuPree, and Jonathan Wilson. Here's a picture, below, to get you disoriented. It only shows five of the apparently six band members. I don't have a clue who's who, though I'm betting that Wilson is the odd person now out.

When I typed "Eisley" into my browser, I was not looking for a band. I expected to get some information about the man pictured at the top of this posting, Loren Eisley (1907-1977). 

Again relying on Wikipedia, and for those who have never heard of Loren Eisley, let me tell you that Loren Eisley was "an American anthropologist, educator, philosopher, and natural science writer, who taught and published books from the 1950s through the 1970s. He received many honorary degrees and ... at his death, he was Benjamin Franklin Professor of Anthropology and History of Science at the University of Pennsylvania."

Loren Eisley is definitely not a band. He may, however, have been a kind of poet. Check out his credentials in that sphere by reading "The Poetry of Earth," a book review from The Wall Street Journal that discusses a two-volume edition of Eisley's Collected Essays, published by the Library of America. The online edition of the article, incidentally, is titled, "If You Like Thoreau, Read Loren Eisley."

I decided to feature Loren Eisley in this day's edition of my Two Worlds blog because I realized, upon reading the book review in The Wall Street Journal, that many people who see my blog may never have heard of Loren Eisley. My adventure with my search engine confirms my impression that Eisley has dropped out of our popular consciousness.

I think that's too bad, if true. The books of Loren Eisley were incredibly important to me, as I tried to discover, as a young person, what it meant to be alive; what it means to be human.

"Eisley" may be a good band.

Loren Eisley is a great guide to the wonders of this life we are so blessed to have been given, here on Planet Earth.

If you haven't ever read Loren Eisley, I recommend you do! Give a friend or loved one an Eisley book for Christmas.

Eisley the band is optional!

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