Tuesday, July 5, 2016

#187 / Leave It Alone!

If you were to search through my many postings to this Two Worlds blog (almost 2,400 of them, as of today), you'd find a lot of references to wilderness. One example would be this reference, for instance, from November 24, 2012, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. I also belong to lots of organizations that celebrate (and attempt to protect) our remaining wilderness areas. The Ventana Wilderness Alliance comes to mind. So does Wilderness Watch.

Feel free to click those links, and to track down a way to donate to their work!

The Summer 2016 edition of Wilderness Watcher, the Quarterly Newsletter of Wilderness Watch, alerts readers to an effort to amend the 1964 Wilderness Act to allow mountain bicycles to use our wilderness areas. Currently, the Act says that "no form of mechanical transport" is permitted within designated wilderness areas. A mountain bike support group called The Sustainable Trails Coalition has drafted legislation to amend that provision out of the Act, and has hired a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm to get the legislation passed.

If you would rather have our wilderness areas STAY wild, it's probably not too early to let your members of Congress know what you think.

I know what I think. Leave It Alone!

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