Saturday, May 7, 2016

#128 / Democracy Is Like A Bus

Democracy is like a bus, when you arrive at your destination, you step off.
This chilling quote is attributed to Recep Tayip Erdogan, the  President of Turkey, who is apparently trying to move that nation to a totalitarian future. You can read about Erdogan's drive for political power in the Friday, May 6th edition of The New York Times. Most recently, Erdogan has forced his ally (as so Ahmet Davuto─člu is still described) out of the office of Prime Minister. You can read the complete Times' article by clicking right here

The bus analogy presumes that "politics" is simply a vehicle to permit individual advancement. In fact, "politics" is a collective, not an individual, enterprise.

If democracy is "like a bus," then when the bus arrives at its destination (not "your" destination, notice), the passengers should get together, debate the question, and then pick a new destination. 

Democracy is a lifetime road trip. The "bus" goes where the people decide.

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