Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#20 / Infinite!

I continue to find value in my "Two Worlds Hypothesis." We live in two worlds, simultaneously. 

Ultimately, we live in and are dependent upon the World of Nature that sustains all life. That world is "finite," and it operates on the basis of laws that we don't make, and can't break. We tend to forget that!

Most immediately, we live in a "human world," which we might call "civilization." Within our human world, the laws are not like the law of gravity, or like other natural laws that govern the World of Nature. Our human laws don't describe what "must" happen, as natural laws do. Our laws are "prescriptive," not "descriptive." Human laws don't tell us what we "have to do," but what we "want to do." It is through writing down such "laws," as prescriptions for action, and then following them, that we in fact create the human world that is our immediate home.

Since writing, yesterday, about how important it is to recognize and respect the "limits" of our "finite" natural world, it strikes me that I should make explicit the nature of what we can do in our human one. 

In fact, we can do "anything." Anything is possible within our human world. We are not restricted by laws that we "must" follow. As long as we respect the World of Nature, the arrangements we choose to make in our own world reflect infinite possibility!

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