Monday, July 27, 2015

#208 / Cross Tabs

A few weeks ago, I saw this picture in the San Francisco Chronicle. It appeared on the editorial page, and I assumed that this photograph was illustrating an article about a "pro-choice" rally. In fact, the picture was associated with a letter to the editor about SB 277, a recently enacted bill that strengthens mandatory vaccination programs in schools, and that eliminates "personal exemptions."  

The picture, once I understood what it was supposed to mean, provoked a question in my mind. I hope some survey company will ask the correct questions, and then do the cross tabs, so they might be able to give me an answer to this inquiry: How many people who oppose mandatory vaccination also support a pro-choice position on abortion?

In polling, it is the "cross tabs" that count: "cross tabulations enable you to examine relationships within the data that might not be readily apparent when analyzing total survey responses."

It's my bet that many people who would cheer this photograph, in the context of the mandatory vaccination issue, would absolutely oppose the idea that a woman has a "right to choose" with respect to her body when abortion is the topic.

As I say, I'd be interested to know what actual polling data would show. If I'm right about my political hunch, this confirms how difficult it is to navigate our "politics," because people aren't, necessarily, internally consistent about their strongly-held beliefs.

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  1. I'd like to see this cross tab, too!

    The best evidence I can find found liberalism somewhat correlated with anti-vaccination [1]. Because I believe liberalism correlates with pro-choice, I'll take the opposite bet.

    I bet anti-vaccination (opposition to SB 277) is correlated with pro-choice (support of Roe v. Wade).



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