Monday, July 6, 2015

#187 / Bridge Of Words

Most people are probably familiar with the expression "walking your talk." The basic idea is that it can be pretty easy simply to "say" something, but it may be a lot more difficult actually to "do" what you say. Persons with integrity "walk their talk," and actually do what they say. It is a kind of moral proposition, and the emphasis is on the "walking part."

I have no disagreement with the idea that each one of us should, as a matter of personal integrity, strive to "walk our talk." I think, though, that there may be another aspect of this relationship between "talking" and "walking" that is worth pointing out. 

Words are, in fact, often "aspirational," even if their aspirational quality is not highlighted in the sentences in which we use them. In other words, our creative power, as human beings, is to be able to establish new realities in our human world, and the very first step in being able to do that is to "speak" of that reality, a reality that may not yet exist, but that is within the realm of possibility. 

When we "speak truth to power," we put this principle in motion. When we stand silent before injustice, and don't speak out, we lose our opportunity to conjure forth a new reality that can become a living home. 

This means that "saying it," and the "talking part," is just as important as "walking the talk" we make.

When we "walk" into a new world of our own creation, we walk on a bridge of words. 

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