Saturday, March 14, 2015

#73 / Horse

Smart guys, like Elon Musk, think that Artificial Intelligence might be dangerous to human life. Musk calls our efforts to develop AI "summoning the demon."

Researchers at Oxford University have also suggested that AI is a major danger. They include AI in their twelve item list of "How The World Ends."

In her article titled "Catastrophe By Default," published in seizureonline, Amy Ireland speculates that AI could transform human beings into something like the horse. In other words, like the horse, a few samples of human beings might be kept around, but they would be without any effective or functional relevance or importance in the society in which they would continue to exist.

This is my phrasing, not hers, but I think I have captured her message: We ought to be worried about horsing around with Artificial Intelligence.

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  1. The Global Challenges Foundation "12 Risks That Threaten Human Civilisation" doesn't contain the quotation "How The World Ends". Don't put in quotes things which aren't quotations. The document hasn't been published in any peer-reviewed science journal. None of the authors are computer scientists. This is made obvious by their obvious lack of understanding of AI and complete reliance on citations from philosophy instead of computer science literature [1 pages 121-125].


  2. The true danger here is smart people speaking outside their field of expertise. Musk is a brilliant people. But he has no idea what he's talking about with regard to AI. Soft AI are our tools, nothing more. Strong AI is, aside from fiction, nothing to fear. When an artificial person is created some day, it will be as mortal, as moral, and as much a child of men as any baby born today.

  3. As for Amy Ireland's seizure, you know an article isn't science based when its list of references includes The X-Files and William Gibson novels.


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