Friday, January 2, 2015

#2 / No Lost Cause

The January 5, 2015 edition of The Nation has an article by Richard Falk on the conflict between the State of Israel and Palestine. He calls his article "On Lost Causes." 

Among other things, Falk says this:

Since we can never know what the future holds, and since much that once seemed impossible has happened, no worthy cause is definitively lost. 

Quoting Slavoj Žižek, Falk adds:

It is only lost causes that possess the empowering potential to address the challenges confronting humanity. 

Our future is not one we will reach through through observation. Looking around, we can only feel disempowered by by what we see as the existing realities. The existing realities are the counsel of despair. 

Given the gift of freedom, we make the future through our actions. 

In a New Year, or on any day, we can always "strike another match," and start anew. 


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