Friday, December 26, 2014

#361 / Cake

As I was growing up, I always LOVED the fact that my birthday came on the Day After Christmas, because that meant no compelled festivities in my school classroom centered on me. My birthday slipped right under the classroom radar, unlike the birthdays of so many other students who had to bear the embarrassment of a classroom celebration in their honor. Under the radar was just fine, as far as I was concerned!

Nowadays, classroom festivities no longer being that relevant, I would like to dodge my birthday for another reason. Who needs the reminder that unlike those "trips around the sun" that are so often spoken about at birthday times, our journey through life is distinctly linear? It comes to an end, and every day is one day closer. Who needs the reminder? I think enough about that topic without having to formalize it with any birthday-related celebration. Plus, I am not cake covetous. Can't stand the stuff!

Bah, humbug, right? It's an easy holdover from Christmas!

As I do pass this milestone (I am 71 years old today), let me say one thing. As one starts getting close to the end of the track race, and can see that he or she is inevitably heading for the "finish line," one can either start resenting the unfairness of it all, and the fact it's ending; or, one can call forth, from somewhere, a reserve of gratitude for the race that he or she has been so privileged to run.

Today, you can color me grateful for family, friends, and the work I have done. I am an American Patriot. You can color my cake Red, White, and Blue.

We all know why the yellow is in there.

I'm doing my best not to focus on that!

I think, in fact, I'm going to pick up the pace!!

Heading for the home stretch.

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