Thursday, November 13, 2014

#318 / Fifty Most

I have lots of books in my house (see below for a partial view). Recently, I have been required to look at and handle each book, individually, since home renovations have necessitated removing, storing, and then reshelving all our books. 

Actually, I am still in the middle of this process. My hands are dirty and my back is sore, but there is an advantage. Now I have been reminded of all the books I have read, and I am getting inspired all over again. 

I found one item slipped into my bookshelves, in my "politics" section, that was not actually a "book." It was an article from the October 4, 2010 edition of The Nation.

This clipping contained a listing of "The Fifty Most Influential Progressives of the Twentieth Century." It truly is an inspiring list. Click that link to get inspired, too.

Lots of great people have done lots of great things - almost always working together, with others, and not as individuals. It should be possible for us to do that, too.

Change we can believe in!

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