Sunday, November 9, 2014

#314 / Reprise

Mychal Denzel Smith, writing in The Nation, discusses "How To Get Millennials To Vote." That article just came out, appearing shortly after my own blog posting on this "how to get them to vote" topic. I claim no cause and effect. But let me just reprise my remarks.

Getting people (Millennials or anyone else) to "vote," is not the problem with our democracy, at least as I see it. 

Getting people to conclude that they (not someone else) should be deciding what issues we are voting on, and which people we are voting for, or against, is something quite different, and something that is much more important. 

Being allowed, or compelled, to "vote" on propositions that are not the product of our own, organized, grassroots democratic action does not democracy make. 

Getting Millennials to "vote" isn't the issue. Getting them (and all of us) to take control over our government, at every level, is what we need to do.

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