Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#302 / Citizenfour

Citizenfour (the movie) will be in theaters soon. You can read about it in a recent New Yorker article, authored by George Packer, or you can get a flavor of the film in this LA Times movie review. Here is where you can watch the trailer. You can also read a short synopsis of the Packer article, which contains a critique of the movie, by tracking down the October 26, 2014 entry in the Amor Mundi website.

The Packer critique is, essentially, that the film presents itself as revealing the truth about Snowden, but suppresses things that the filmmaker knows, but that she doesn't show us.

I am most interested not in how fully revelatory the film is about how and why Snowden made his disclosures, but in the disclosures themselves.

In a society based on citizen self-government, the citizens must know the facts (ALL the facts), or they can't properly provide the direction to their government that democracy demands.

According to Packer, Snowden began with a preoccupation about personal privacy, but ended up with efforts to destroy governmental secrecy.

No "privacy" rights for government, in other words.

That's what I think.

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