Friday, October 24, 2014

#298 / The Human Condition

The earth is the very quintessence of the human condition, and earthly nature, for all we know, may be unique in the universe in providing human beings with a habitat in which they can move and breathe without effort and without artifice. The human artifice of the world separates human existence from all mere animal environment, but life itself is outside this artificial world, and through life man remains related to all other living organisms. For some time now, a great many scientific endeavors have been directed toward making life also "artificial," toward cutting the last tie through which even man belongs among the children of nature. 
        - Hannah Arendt - The Human Condition (1958) 

So, there is Hannah Arendt speaking about my "Two Worlds" theory. If you were a member of the Hannah Arendt Center for Politics And Humanities at Bard College ($50 per year or more), you could take part in a "Virtual Reading Group" that will be studying The Human Condition, starting on November 7th. 

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