Monday, October 20, 2014

#294 / Umbrellas

The picture above grabbed my attention. I just like it. It illustrates an article published in The Harvard Business Review Blog on October 3, 2014. The Harvard Business Review (and its associated blog) is not a publication I normally read. Because of the umbrellas, I did read what Maxwell Wessel has to say about "consensus." According to his blog post, "the most innovative companies don't worry about consensus."

Wessel makes a good point, but the article is geared to those who are trying to maximize business profits. The thrust of the article is that developing a "consensus" within an existing business, about new business opportunities, is not, actually, the best way to stimulate innovation. 

How best to stimulate business innovation and increase business profits is not a topic that generally preoccupies me, and that is probably the main reason that I don't regularly read The Harvard Business Review. My preoccupations tend to focus most on how best to achieve effective and democratic self-government.

If you happen to care about that "self-government" topic, then there are some other umbrellas that might attract your attention. See the picture below. The umbrellas in that picture are not nearly as "pretty" as the umbrellas from The Harvard Business Review Blog, but what is going on under those umbrellas is pretty impressive, even if it's not "pretty."

It's a struggle, and the umbrellas are playing a big part. The struggle is being called "The Umbrella Movement."

They're not just decorative!

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