Wednesday, August 6, 2014

#219 / Transhumanism #2

Who is this guy? This is Ray Kurzweil, with the picture coming from a relatively recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

I wrote about Kurzweil a little over a year ago. I just reread what I wrote then.

I still like what I wrote. I still believe it!

The recent article in The Wall Street Journal, in which Kurzweil is reported to be continuing to advocate the merger of man and machine, makes me want to double down on my own reaction. So does Kurzweil's continued quest to "live forever."

I continue to believe that human efforts to declare themselves independent of the Natural World are dangerous beyond speaking. That tendency, which those theologically inclined call "sin," permits its practitioners to undermine the basis for all life, as they seek to perpetuate their life.

NOT a good idea. 

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  1. Living forever in a computer doesn't undermine the basis for all life. Sin isn't real, it's part of an ancient fairy tale.


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