Wednesday, July 16, 2014

#198 / Cyber Me

By itself, the word "cyber" has apparently come to mean cyber SEX. That is according to the Urban Dictionary, one of my go-to web resources.

Civinomics, a business based in Santa Cruz, California, is trying to make democracy into a profit center, by providing a software platform that will facilitate and encourage civic engagement. 

As recently reported by a Civinomics summer intern, who is seeking to make "cyberdemocracy" into a reality, the Civinomics software allows for "facilitated community engagement and conversation about local issues," and this can "help influence change and educate people ... " 

There is no doubt in my mind that community conversations and discussions, available online (and offline, too) are very much a part of what democracy demands.

I do, however, have a cautionary comment:

"Cyberdemocracy" is to real democracy as "cybersex" is to real sex. 

In our online world, cyber-engagement is all to the good. But it's not sufficient. 

And here is a postscript: If you are interested in increasing your online engagement on the state level, is a new way to find out about what California state government is doing (and doing to you)!

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  2. My pleasure! I enjoy Total Capitol. As a former environmental lobbyist, I get lonely for the lobbyist life.


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