Friday, March 7, 2014

#66 / That FREE Spring Card Collection

I regularly make contributions to the National Wildlife Federation. Unfortunately, NWF and other wonderful environmental groups regularly bombard me with unsolicited FREE merchandise, from greeting cards, to blankets, to monogrammed water bottles, all items that I don't need or want. Just the other day I got a huge package in the mail from the NWF, filled with a FREE "Spring Card Collection." 

Organizations interested in protecting and preserving the World of Nature need to resist the temptation to manufacture and distribute more things. On the envelope that delivered me the unwanted card collection, I was advised to "Open Immediately." If I opened immediately, I could "claim a FREE insulated lunch bag." 

I am going to advise the National Wildlife Federation that I am following a new and improved recycling pledge. The admonition has always been (in this order) to: Reduce / Reuse / Recycle. That is still good advice. 

But before you even get into that hierarchy of proper actions, add another "R."


Even if it's FREE!

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  1. Sadly, even after I stop renewing my membership support for national "environmental" groups (e.g. Defenders of Wildlife), I continue to receive the same junk mail. I like the addition of "refuse" to the Re word list!

    My personal Re word favorites (after reduce and recycle) are re-model, re-build, and re-inhabitat (with thanks to UCSC's Ray Dasmann and Planet Drum's Peter Berg).


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